Business Coach, Maureen Gharrity has been a great asset to me in helping raise the bar on myself and helping me sift through my interactions with clients and prospects to bring focus on the opportunities.  With her guidance I am able to see things around me that were always there but I did not see before.  I am grateful that through TORN we have started to work together. James D. Bishop


Maureen Gharrity and I worked together for 4 hours exploring how I could improve my business.  She is professional, insightful and really understands how business owners think.  I recommend her services to anyone who wants to refocus their business and needs help to think it through.            Lucy Grosz,


 “I am writing this letter to make a recommendation of Maureen Gharrity as a professional business coach. I have known Maureen for several years as a client, and recently felt the need to make some changes in how I approach my business. I am highly satisfied with the work she performed and the benefits I obtained along the way, both PERSONAL and Professional. Before working with Maureen I was overwhelmed with opportunities, but unable to prioritize and focus on the correct ones. During our work together  Maureen taught me to analyze my opportunities and responsibilities through a grid of pre-determined personal objectives. As a result of our work together, I am taking advantage of business opportunities, gaining additional clients and revenue and delegating and working with my staff more effectively. I have a lot more confidence in my decisions and approach, and also have seen the benefits in family and personal relationships! My advice for those thinking of working with Maureen is to embrace the challenge of personal growth and know that she will keep her end of the agreement, by challenging you to follow through and persevere in the difficult process of change.”

Tom Paplaczyk, Strategic Business Services.

NAHU Certified Healthcare Reform Expert/Advisor


“As a new entrepreneur just 2 years into my business I hired Maureen to help me increase sales, increase confidence, and develop packages. Before working with Maureen I was giving my services away for a very low fee. During our work together Maureen taught me to put a value to the service I provide by increasing my rates, and to be confident in doing so. As a result of working with Maureen I tripled my rates, develop a package plan for my clients and gain an extreme amount of confidence. So, if you are looking to gain confidence and gain income, Maureen can get you to the path of success.”      Terry Manrique, Parent Coach/Consultant/Speaker www.ourparentcoach.com


“I’ve been working with Maureen for about 6 weeks and she is amazing. Her insights are brilliant and so on point. She didn’t ask me to say anything, but I really wanted to share how valuable my experience has been should any of you be considering working with a life coach.

My experience working with Maureen has seriously been beyond words. She is brilliant! Before working with Maureen, I was feeling a lot of uncertainty and confusion, and as a result of working together, I feel like all of my actions have intention behind them. Every time I end my call with Maureen, I feel empowered and excited. She is the ultimate cheerleader and I am so beyond grateful for sharing her genius with me and the rest of the world.

From working with Maureen, which began at a round table at lunch during a workshop discussing an idea I had for a business. It would be my second business, before the age of 30. Maureen helped me to get clarity on my vision, come up with a plan, set goals and take serious action to meet them. Within the 6 months that I was working with her my business grew to having 6 interns, a YouTube Channel, an Ezine. I had my first mixer where 50 people attended, I have been featured in a national magazine and best of all I was asked to participate in a national panel for young business owners.

Within in 3 months of finishing coaching with Maureen I had my biggest income month ever!                                                                                    J. Jaffe


“Maureen guided me through yet another wonderful process of discovery and realization. Maureen helped me get underneath everything that was going on. Issues I had dealt with before but not in this context. They seemed disguised because they were taking shape in a new experience. Maureen once again patiently and provokingly asked the right questions at the right time and listened, “truly listened” to what I was saying so yet another shift could take place. Maureen has helped me take decisive action to move my business forward and my life forward. Her service is priceless.”

I feel a strong focus as a result of our talking. Seriously,thank you. You are a Great coach.”

“I could not have a better coach than Maureen. With Maureen’s heart, compassion, knack for asking key questions and belief in your success, she is the perfect coach for any woman in business. She has nurtured me, allowed me to kick and scream and gotten to the core of what is blocking me more than once. In fact on several occasions. Maureen has a sincere commitment to my success. She truly believes in me and my mission and helped me to persevere. Her ideas are brilliant. Her commitments to action are strict and deliver solutions.

I felt that Maureen was my coach in every sense of the word. She was on the sidelines, encouraging me to play a bigger game in my business, instructing and teaching as we went. She was available through email, text, phone when I needed her and always eager to help. I respect too, when she had her boundaries outside of our scheduled call times. I could rely on her fully to be present and available.

Maureen helped me Find My Way in the most difficult moments of starting up a business. I am forever grateful and would recommend her above anyone else!”

“From the moment I met Maureen about 6 months ago, there was an immediate connection. I could feel her sincerity and compassion as a person and a coach, within the first 5 minutes of our conversation.  That same care and attention has remained true throughout our time working together.

Before working with Maureen, I was really hopeful about my business ideas, but doubtful that I could see them through. She helped me in every area that a start up business owner must go through and I am tremendously grateful.  She always kept the perspective on the solution and the “WHY.” The WHY is very important, because it has kept me motivated to continue through the challenging times both emotionally and technically.

In the beginning phases of my business, there were many unexpected glitches and stumbling  blocks that I could not have navigated through without Maureen’s help. She was empathetic and yet urged me to keep moving through the blocks. Although she couldn’t take my challenges away, (no coach or person can), she stood by me in loving support and encouragement when they popped up. Yes, she asked the tough questions and she got ‘point blank’ about things at times, and that is exactly what I needed. Her intuition is impeccable.

Since working with Maureen, my website is published, my Ezine goes out weekly, and I have better structure around time. This has enabled me to attract more prospects, make more connections and start working with clients.  This is a complete career change for me, and you understood that with grace, care and concern.

Faithful to our weekly call time, she was flexible and available for those times when I needed extra encouragement and support via phone or email.  I love how giving she was with her time and expertise.

If anyone questions the value of your coaching program  I’ll be happy to talk with them about it.  I love referring people here in NYC to you, because I know they are going to a wonderful coach and mentor who always feels like she’s sitting right next to you, one hand on your back pushing you forward and one hand on your shoulder, saying “You’re doing Great!!”                                       Maria F.


 “I coached with Maureen for almost a year, she provided a safe place for me to share thoughts ideas and feelings as I transitioned into a full time job after being a stay at home mom for the past 18 years, She too is transitioning and was very understanding and encouraging. Maureen helped me to identify what was priority and how to manage my time to make those things happen in my life. Knowing that she was there provided accountability and helped with my follow through. She made the transition very smooth and I would be happy to recommend her to others and use her again for future goals, challenges or changes.  She was worth every penny!! It is amazing what a sincere listening ear will do for you.”                                               Kathy Workman


What I’ve noticed more than anything is your ability to help me think outside the box, teaching me how to get out of the negative thinking cycle, showing me how to be proactive in finding solutions and positive coping mechanisms.  You’ve taught me that I have a voice and shown me how to use it. In the past, rather than addressing a problem directly, I would let it bottle up inside.”                                      Jami C.


“Maureen has great instincts and so many great skills. She makes good connections with her clients right from the start. She is always client focused, remembering to pay attention to the “take-away” as well as the issue. She has very good validating skills, and responds well to her clients about what she has ‘heard.’ She does a great job at ‘being’ with the client rather than ‘doing.” She demonstrates an excellent ability to listen and ask powerful questions. Her intuition is acute, and she accesses it and uses it well. .  She encourages positive focus and energy, and is always positive herself. She supports her clients beautifully, bringing them to a new perspective, options or suggestions. She checks the client’s commitment to moving forward, and uses good framing, with timelines and accountability. She shows support for the client by always making supportive comments and being a good “champion.”  She gives verbal appreciation, endorsements and demonstrates extreme compassion and empathy. She always shows good judgment and personal integrity.


Maureen has such a lovely style.  It’s warm, friendly and calm. She creates a safe environment for your clients.  She is a Masterful Coach.”

Nan Einarson